Best Yoga Socks

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Best Yoga Socks

Having the correct equipment is essential in any sports or fitness discipline. There is nothing worse than being distracted from the task at hand by dodgy gear!
Yoga practitioners will be all too aware of the need to be grounded when completing exercises and having good grip on the floor/mat you are working on is essential.
Like a lot of yoga accessories, the market for yoga socks is booming, with the benefits of wearing them seemingly endless.

When engaging in yoga training, the feet undergo a significant amount of wear and tear. From holding you in position when striking poses, to being required to extend outwards and provide balance, feet are hugely relied upon.

Yoga studios are generally clad with wooden-flooring whilst yoga mats are slippery surfaces too and being able to have a steady footing is vital when looking to build confidence in your yoga regime.

In addition, yoga socks provide a fantastic defence layer against any harmful bacteria that may have gathered on yoga mats or floors, and they can be a barrier against picking up any warts or verrucae on your feet.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best yoga socks for you.

Comfort is absolutely key when picking your yoga socks. Ensuring that you are comfortable wearing the socks and wearing the materials used is vital, as uncomfortable socks can be worse than working out barefooted!

Most yoga socks are grippy at the bottom, allowing you to stay in position when undertaking those complex stretches. Be sure that you are comfortable with the amount of grip on the bottom of the socks and that you can still move relatively freely when not holding poses.

In terms of materials used in yoga socks, look out for breathable, lightweight materials that regular your feet temperature. The feet go through the mill when practicing yoga so ensuring your feet aren’t too hot and sweaty will also enhance performance.

Some yoga socks cover the whole foot, whilst some only cover half, leaving the toes exposed so again, be sure to find a pair that suits your specific needs.

Best Yoga Socks

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