Best Yoga Wheels

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Best Yoga Wheels

With the surge in yoga popularity across the world, it is perhaps no surprise that the accompanying yoga training tool market is booming.
Yoga wheels are innovative pieces of equipment that can enhance exercises, for practitioners of all levels and abilities.
MMA and BJJ athletes are engrossing themselves into yoga in record number, with the benefits of muscular recovery and mindfulness just some on the seemingly endless list of positives yoga can provide.

Regardless of your athletic capabilities, flexibility is a whole new type of fitness and yoga wheels are a proven training aid that assists with general yoga practice.

Incorporated into a variety of yoga workouts, yoga wheels are designed to relieve strain on the spine and back muscles, increase flexibility across the whole body and develop balance and core strength.

Aside from the physiological benefits yoga wheels provide, they are extremely versatile and can be used across a wide range of muscle groups when working out and add a sense of fun to workouts that not all yoga exercises do.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the ideal yoga wheel to add to your workout regime.

First and foremost, when picking a yoga wheel are the levels of durability each wheel provides. Early offerings from the yoga wheel market were predominantly always plastic, which can cause problems in terms of longevity. ABS plastic is now very popular within the world of yoga ring composition, whilst cork wheels have become increasingly sought after as the most reliable and eco-friendly option.

The size and the weight of your yoga wheel will also play a big part in which wheel you opt for. The wheel must be big enough to cater for your body composition, otherwise you won’t see any benefit when you are working out and you are potentially putting yourself at risk if the wheel is too flimsy.

Comfort and maintenance are two more essential considerations when picking your yoga wheel. Most wheels come with a padded sector, so ensure your wheel isn’t a distraction for you when working out. Whilst be sure to look out for a sweat/odor resistant option when purchasing your wheel as bacteria can build up over time which can be harmful and doesn’t smell too good either!

Best Yoga Wheels

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